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Are You Rich?

Often times in our relationship, Sara and I will see something that someone has that is extremely extravagant or luxurious and we jokingly look at each other and say, “one day when we are rich, we will get one of those!” and then proceed to laugh at the hint of that even being a possibility.

Of course, we are only joking, however, interactions such as this one make me stop and think about the idea of being rich. The more I ponder the idea, I quickly begin to separate physical riches from spiritual riches as most people do, I imagine, however we cannot avoid the fact that riches are riches.

As humans, we have a God that loves us and even sent His son to die for us according to John 3:16. We have the opportunity of heaven and the perfect venue to cater our spiritual maturity, in the church. My point is that we are all rich when we stop to truly count our riches. We cannot allow life to consume us so that we miss the fact that we are blessed beyond all measure because we have a God that loves us beyond all measure.

Perhaps the best way I have heard this concept of rich described is this; A rich person is not the one that has the most, but the one who needs the least. Are you rich?

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