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Our Purpose:  "To love and glorify God as we seek and save the lost while building up the body of Christ."                                                 Matt 22:37-39  Matt 28:18-20  1 Thes 5:11



We are a group of local Christians who assemble on the first day of the week to worship God.  "The churches of Christ salute you," is a statement made by the apostle Paul in Romans 16:16.  This group or congregation of people met at specific times to perform specific duties.  They were non-denominational, had no earthly headquarters, and followed the New Testament as their only standard in religion. They worshipped together, worked together, and assisted each other in times of need.  Each congregation operated independently of each other.  We speak where the Bible speaks and remain silent where the Bible is silent.  We do Bible things in Bible ways and call Bible things by Bible names.  We love people, peace, unity, and righteousness.   We seek to be the same as the early church.  We do not want to simply be different, but we want to be the same as the church approved by the apostles of Jesus Christ.  


Paul told Timothy to "...pursue righteousness, faith, and peace with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart."  You will find many Christians eager to share this pursuit in Calvert City.


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