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A.O.K. in May

Message to Calvert City Church Members:

What is A.O.K. IN MAY?

It is simply a challenge to all of us to put special emphasis on seeking and taking advantage of opportunities to be kind to other people, especially strangers. To enhance the experience, both for you, as well as those you touch, we are providing “kindness cards” for you to leave behind as you go about your deeds. They will allow you to remain anonymous, but still let people know the motivation for your actions. The cards simply say, “Kindness Shines…Pass It On!” It also contains a smaller message telling them that someone has cared for them (by doing an act of kindness) and they are directed here, to our website.

You can choose to be as active and involved in this as you like. You can take cards and use them as you are kind to other people, or you can simply put a greater emphasis on kindness to others without the card. You can also choose to share (anonymously) the experience you have by posting on the blog below. We do not intend this to be bragging, but showing what God has done with us (Acts 14:27) and giving the glory to him (Matthew 5:16). If you do decide to share your story, just follow the directions below. Your post will not be added immediately to the site, but should be available just a little later that day. We will keep all posts anonymous. You can relate as many stories as you want.

Here are a few possibilities for your A.O.K.:

  • Talk to a waitress and try to “put a little sunshine” in her day by being kind. Then, leave a hefty tip, along with a card.

  • When in the drive-through line at a fast-food restaurant, tell the attendant that you want to pay for the order in the car behind you. Give the attendant a card along with your payment, and ask her/him to give it to the driver of the car behind you.

  • Take a dish of food to a new neighbor (or an old one) and leave a card under the dish (or inside the wrapping).

  • Visit a stranger in the hospital and express genuine interest and prayer for them. When you leave, leave a card where they or their family can find it.

  • Pick a person at random from the phone book. Tell them you have never met them, but would love to do so. Tell them you will pray for them and wish them a pleasant day. Option: enclose a gift card to a local restaurant or gift shop. Enclose a kindness card also.

Use your imagination! Keep your eyes open and act spontaneously. You will be able to do many good things with your cards. Or, deliberately plot ways to help strangers and friends through the daily stress of life. Either way, you will be helping them, helping yourself, and glorifying God!

So come on! Join us as we emphasis the beautiful trait of kindness during the month of May . . . and things will be A.O.K.!

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