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Technology is great! We can do many tasks in a shorter amount of time and with greater ease that we could have done those same tasks just a few years ago. However, with that technology has come a threat of inconvenience and data theft. I personally marvel at the audacity and malice of someone who would write computer programs (viruses) to erase or destroy someone else’s data. Such activity is called “hacking.”

I also am amazed by the ability of hackers to manipulate and expose the private emails and other information of someone else. Yet that is exactly what has been done recently to Colin Powell, former Secretary of State.

You may have seen the stories—not only were some of his mundane and routine emails exposed to the world, also some private comments about other people, namely Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. The “newsworthiness” of this hack is that the comments were very negative toward the above people (in one case, very vulgar) and were embarrassing to Mr. Powell upon their release.

With this hacking and the very public and extended exposure of Mrs. Clinton’s emails, many people in Washington, D.C. are nervous and worried that their personal comments might be made public. One person interviewed about the hacking said that he was anxious about his emails and others were even halting their use of email because of the danger of the release of inappropriate comments. He was quick to add that there was nothing of his that would be wrong, just inappropriate.

It brings up some interesting questions, doesn’t it? What if someone hacked your emails—would they see “inappropriate comments” and bad language? What if someone hacked your Facebook page? Would someone close to you, who does not use Facebook be ashamed at what is on your page? What if someone hacked your phone? Would they see inappropriate texts and pictures? Is your privacy valued above godliness?

Don’t forget that God sees all and knows all (Proverbs 5:21) and one day will judge us (Romans 14:12; 2 Corinthians 5:10).

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