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Doing What We Can

Years ago, and on more than one occasion, I drove into the church building parking lot to see one of two cars I recognized. Toward the end of the time period to which I am referring, it was either a Green Ford Taurus or a Gold Buick LaSabre. One of those cars would be sitting in the parking lot, giving silent testimony concerning its owner and her friend who was with her. It was saying that its owner, in either case an elderly Christian lady, was with her friend and they were visiting the sick on behalf of the Lord. There was no merit pin at stake, no public recognition forth coming at the next assembly, no pat on the back for a job well done. No, they were busy doing what the Lord wanted done because it needed to be done.

Many is the time I have sat and thought about those two ladies and their quiet, willing spirits. When they went, they had many of the same ailments that elderly people have: stiffness in muscles and joints, weakness of bones, forgetfulness and just plain weariness... But they did what they could! I do not know how many visits they made or how long they stayed...but they did what they could! They could have been consumed with many little projects and travels that took up all their retirement years...but they did what they could! They could have easily stayed home and said they had worked for God for many years and now deserved a rest from “church work”...but they did what they could!

An incident occurred in the life of Jesus that illustrates this principle (Mark 14:3-9). A woman (Mary, see John 12:3) came into the place where Jesus was and anointed his feet. It was a simple act, from a woman who was apparently introverted and not given to showy displays (Luke 10:38-42). When someone objected to the kind deed, Jesus rebuked him and then praised her, saying, “She has done what she could” (Mark 14:8). He was saying that service on behalf of the Lord, no matter how small or great (and it being all that the person is capable of) is blessed in its doing.

I have no doubt that someone, maybe many “someones“ will recognize the ladies to whom my previous remarks refer, and that is just fine with me. Because their personal example is just that much more vivid in your mind. You and I also know they did much more than just visit the sick. And to you, I would say, “Imitate their faith” (Hebrews 13:7).

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