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Not What I Was Looking For

Christopher “Kit” Carson was a famous mountain man and scout in the old west. He did many things that were indeed worthy of recognition and fame. However, in the style of the day, he and his exploits were greatly exaggerated in the reports and novels written about him.

David Fisher, author of Bill O’Reilly’s Legends & Lies, The West, tells how Carson was portrayed as “a giant” when in reality he was a “small, stoop-shouldered, bowlegged and freckled man.” At one point, a man met Kit after having read about him and was clearly disappointed. In frustration, he blurted out, “You ain’t the kind of Kit Carson I’m lookin’ for!” The “real thing” obviously did not match the expectations created in the man’s mind.

Isn’t it interesting how we allow others’ descriptions and maybe even our own imagination to bring us to disappointment when we see someone or something as they really are and that reality does not match up to our expectations?

It happens when someone has a perception of God, such as the “grandfatherly” figure in heaven, wanting nothing but pleasure for his loved ones. Then, when bad things occur, especially to the one with such expectations, they are ready to abandon God.

It happens when modern depictions of Jesus show him as one who was a good man and kind teacher who did not condemn specific sins. Then, when the scriptures are consulted and Jesus is seen realistically, either Jesus or the scriptures are abandoned.

It happens when “church” is seen from the aspect of a consumer, where one can go to any church they choose, and do so for their purposes and satisfaction. Then, when they are given scripture that shows the church as Christ’s one body and as the pillar of truth, they are ready to condemn the church as narrow minded and bigoted.

It happens when starry-eyed lovers “feel a feeling they have never felt before” and conclude that it is an everlasting love. Then, when the reality of married life sets in and the bills must be paid, physical desires wane, and the habits of spouse irritate, they are ready to abandon marriage.

Maybe, many people are looking for the wrong things….

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